Why India is a hub for academic editing and proofreading services?

Posted by:   |  Nov 27, 2016

Why editing and proofreading?


With the advent of advanced word processors and the dubious “auto correct” option, people perceive editing as something that can be achieved by a software or by using the spell check and grammar option in MS Word. What they fail to realize is that a lot goes undetected by spell check. For instance, inconsistencies in style,contractions, wrong usage of words, to name a few.Manuscript editingIf your work is going to be published, then professional editing and proofreading are steps you simply cannot afford to skip. If you looking for affordable and reliable resources then start your search for editing services in India!

Why consider India for your editing and proofreading service?

India’s colonial heritage boasts of schools and colleges heavily influenced by the British and a history of adopting English as an official language. Indians typically study at schools where English is the medium of instruction and use it to communicate across language barriers. A little known fact outside of India is that all Indians do not speak the same language (Hindi) and that every state has its own language and culture. American English is slowly gaining ground with many U.S. companies outsourcing their work to India.

Types of editing services in India

Editing services typically fall under two categories: 1) Copy editing and proof reading which focuses on formatting, style and accuracy of text, and 2) Substantive Editing which requires a lot of re-writing and is detail–oriented.

  • - Editing services may also be categorized based on the end product:
  • - Academic editing (manuscript, thesis, essay, grant proposal, ESL)
  • - Book editing
  • - Business editing (website content, marketing collateral, business plan, proposal editing, business
  • presentation)
  • - Technical editing
  • - Editing prices

Editing prices vary widely from per word to per page to per project. The right way to price an editing job is to understand how much editing is required (light, moderate or heavy), number of pages and the turn-around time.

Editing services in India are priced lower than similar services in the U.S. or the U.K. without compromising on the quality of the job. Most companies will provide quotes based on the word count and even offer discounts for big projects.

Which editing service in India is right for me?

There are a lot of editing resources out there but a few pointers can help you choose the right service. Make sure the service matches your needs. In other words, if you want an e-book to be edited don’t send it to an editor who specializes in editing theses. Check the credentials of the editor especially if your subject matter is very technical or specialized. You would want to go with someone trained in that particular field or someone with a PhD.in your subject. It would be a good idea to ask for editing samples before employing an editor.

Some companies provide samples on their websites, so be sure to go over them carefully. And lastly, the price for the service should be reasonable and within your budget.