How to Choose the Right Online Manuscript Editing Services

Posted by:   |  Dec 13, 2018

Manuscript Editing Services in India

Writing a research paper or manuscript isn’t as easy as it appears to be, and we are aware that it takes several days or even months of hard work and dedication to finish one. Apart from the writing, there are other tasks to handle, like finding a publication agency, editing the work, rereading it several times to pinpoint mistakes, and several more. Along with self-publishing, a considerable number of manuscript editing services came into existence. These service providers offer a range of online editing services. These organizations also pay particular attention to style and details. Finding and picking the right manuscript editing service provider can be quite daunting, even for the most seasoned writer.


Search for Online Manuscript Editing Service Providers

This article is an attempt to support you and inform you about finding a competitive editing service provider. Of course, you will find a large number of organizations with a simple Google search, and they may include some of the most leading editing service providers. However, most of these first-page providers are expensive and may take longer time.  Ask for a sample edit if they provide one, check online for reviews and see if the editors are qualified.

Know What You Want!

Before you search for an online manuscript editing service you should have some idea of the type of editing help that you require for your manuscript. Every online manuscript editing service isn’t equal, and neither are the creations. There are developmental services that give you a general idea of the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript. It is advisable to start with such a service, but there is proofreading to take care of too. These services only point out the grammatical and spelling mistakes, and nothing else. Most editors explain the type of services you can avail and the different prices for each. Once you decide on the type of editing you need, you will be able to snoop out an editor who can improve the story the way you want.

Manuscript Editing Rates

Realism is the first thing that every individual should consider before spending. Don’t wait to incur a massive cost after finding out a service provider and outsourcing the work. Editing is a necessity but will cease to be an obligation if your manuscript is not published. Consider checking out the pricing section of each proofreading organization you come upon after affixing a budget. If some organizations don’t disclose the editing rates, then there are chances that the price is quite high. Editors follow different charging methods, where some serve on a per-word basis, some do it on an hourly basis and others quite prices per-page.

Timeframe and samples

Send your manuscript to editing services well in advance, the closer the time, the higher the prices usually. It is also essential to go through a few samples of the editing service provider before sending your manuscript. If possible, ask for few more editing samples of write-ups that the editors of the organization handled earlier or ask for a sample edit of your manuscript. This will give you an idea about the competency and proficiency of the organization.

Online Editing Services – Summary

A poorly written manuscript will face rejection before publishing.  Therefore, whether you have a research paper, a book manuscript, or a scientific manuscript or any other manuscript, be clear on the type of editing service you may want. Finding a competitive research paper editing services can be quite tricky in a world dictated by the internet. Ask for sample edit, check for editing fee, if the payment gateway is secure and more importantly your manuscripts are stored safe and destroyed after the work with the online editing service provider.


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