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    David Ross – Consulting Editor for Manuscripts

    David is a native English editor, with an academic background in foreign languages and linguistics. He speaks Dutch, French and German and has also learned some Italian and Spanish. He has a certification in teaching English as a foreign language. David has been working on a variety of assignments from authors in the Far East, Asia and Europe.


    Dr Rajalakshmi Kumar, PhD. Principal Editor – Science, Technology and Medicine

    Dr. Rajalakshmi has over 15 years of experience in editing and writing academic papers, theses, and dissertations. She specializes in editing ESL documents and has edited more than 20,000 pages. She has a broad knowledge of biological and medical sciences, IT, and bioinformatics.

    She has helped many authors publish their manuscripts and theses by improving the structure and language of the content a. She focuses on bringing clarity and conciseness to the documents. Rajalakshmi has conducted many workshops and training to improve the quality of writing among the academic community in Asia.


    Allan Wichelman – Consulting Editor, Business Editing

    Allan Wichelman has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota and a master’s degree from the University of Illinois. Allan has a law degree, awarded with high honors, from the University of Santa Clara.


    Dr Nalini Krishna, PhD – Consulting Editor (Biological Sciences & Medicine)

    Dr Nalini gained extensive writing and editing experience from her 10-year career as a scientist at a leading biotechnology lab in India. She has written and edited many types of academic documents, from research proposals to regulatory documents. She has conducted and supervised clinical research trials for reputed pharmaceuticals companies.

    Scientific writing and editing is an integral part of her work. For the past 10 years she has been writing and editing research papers, dissertation proposals, thesis, clinical trial documents, and other academic documents.

    She has worked with many researchers whose first language is not English. She observed the English language problems faced by these researchers. She helped these researchers communicate effectively by teaching them ESL writing techniques. She is a specialist in ESL writing and editing

    Senthil Natarajan – Engineering and Technology

    Senthil has over 20 years of experience editing manuscripts and dissertation in the areas of engineering and technology. He has edited over 100,000 pages working for leading research publications such as Nature, Elsevier and Springer.

Herbert Broes
Great job by the editor. I am pleased to see how my document has changed for good. Hope I get the same quality next time.
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